Sharing the wonders of learning with your child…

AW Discover Math is a parent-child math program for children ages three and four that introduces ways to work with the big foundational ideas of mathematics through rhymes, games, and hands-on activities.  Children and parents learn side by side as children engage in activities to develop math skills and parents learn ways to support their children’s learning.  Young children learn best through play, so AW Discover Math introduces concepts through hands-on activities, songs and rhymes, and games.  Teachers model games and activities for parents and children, then support them as they practice in class.  A weekly parent handout provides more ideas for home.

Families enjoying math together…

Our goal at AW Discover Math is for children to learn to enjoy math and build foundations for understanding and for parents to marvel at, and learn to support, the complex work that children do while learning through play.  Parents attend class with their child and engage in learning activities for 30 minutes of teacher-led activities and 5 minutes of open exploration.

The activities within each class are designed to easily differentiate for students’ differing experience levels.  Teachers aim to provide an appropriate level of challenge for each student.  Each semester is 10 weeks long (except summer semester which is 6 weeks long).  Learning targets vary with age and prior experience of the child.  Throughout the entire program, children explore:

  • Counting and representing values up to 3, 5, 10, or 20
  • Rote counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, or 10s
  • Composing and decomposing numbers to 5 or 10
  • Reading information from a graph
  • Tally marks
  • Ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.)
  • Shape identification
  • Sorting by color, shape, size
  • Patterning
  • Coin recognition
  • Mathematical vocabulary
  • Fine motor skills to support writing, cutting, lacing,      etc.

The activities are designed with the Common Core Initiative standards, Lake Washington School District Power Standards, and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards in mind.






  • Develops foundational number sense
  • Introduces algebraic thinking
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Creates a love for math
  • Creates environment for parent-child bonding with math
  • Improves self-confidence





  • “I have done lots of hard math before, but this class makes me stretch my brain in a very different way. It’s really cool!” 6th Grader
  • “I have never seen my daughter so excited about math. She does her homework right away and has taken her abacus to school to show her friends and teachers.” Parent of 5th Grader
  • “My son loves do his abacus homework. He is doing math questions very fast. He says he can move the beads in his head, it’s really amazing.” Parent of 2nd Grader
  • “I am confident that her abacus math program along with the work we do on math facts in class will help her progress.” Elementary School teacher in LWSD
  • “I wish this class was 5 hours a day and regular school was 1 hour!” 4th Grader
  • “Her first results for state testing came back and she increased her math from a 47 to a 71!! I am positive the abacus class helped with this improvement.” Parent of 6th Grader
  • “I really love to go to my abacus class. My homework is fun. ” 1st Grader
  • “Thank-you for offering such a valuable program for our children” Parent of a 1st Grader






Frequently Asked Questions:

What age is appropriate for this program ?
The core Abacus West program is designed for children between 5 to 12 years of age. AW Discover Math is designed for children who are 3 & 4 years of age.

What does the program cost ?
The cost of the program is $300 per Level. Most new students will be required to purchase a Starter Kit for $50, which includes an abacus, a set of flash cards and a case.

What kind of abacus is used in the program ?
The abacus used by Abacus West is the Japanese abacus or Soroban. It has 15 rods, each with 5 beads. There are 4 beads below the beam, and 1 bead above the beam.

Will the Abacus West program help my child with math and other subjects taught in school ?
Yes. The Abacus West program uses visual, auditory and tactile techniques to teach mental math which contributes to whole brain development and result in improved memory, focus and visualization skills. These are skills that are useful across all academic subjects.

I would like to enroll my son (2nd grade, age 8) and daughter (4th grade, age 10) in abacus math classes. What “Level” should I select for each of them in the Online Registration Tool ?
All students start the program in Level 1 regardless of their age, grade level or academic ability. In Level 1 we introduce the foundational concepts and exercises of abacus math which are required for the upper levels.

Is there any academic research which supports abacus math programs ?
Yes. Please visit https://abacuswest.com/theabacus.php?id=2#AcademicResearch to learn more.

How is this program different from other after-school math programs ?
Abacus West is focused on teaching abacus math, which leads to strong mental math skills. Once a child completes the curriculum, the mental math skills are generally there for life. The program is designed to be fun & interactive, so kids spend the in-class time learning from the instructor, and learning through certain exercises & games.

Can my child join classes mid-semester
No. Abacus West classes are offered on a semester basis. We do not accept registrations after the semester has begun since the curriculum builds on itself. If you have missed the registration period we recommend that you register for the next semester.

I recently moved to Washington State and I would like to continue abacus math classes that my daughter had started in another State/Country. Can you assess her so we can register her in your program at the correct level?
Yes, we have many students in our program who have transferred in from other abacus math programs. Please contact us and we will set up a time to assess your child to ensure she starts in the appropriate level with us. The assessment fee is $75.